Motel Nomad


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Cafe style menu - With the perfect start in mind, our locally sourced menu is available to enjoy from the comfort of your room or on our Poolside Patio from 6:30am. If you’re getting away earlier we can arrange a continental tray the night before. We know never to deny a Nomad their brekky.


Lunch & Dinner

Yankee D's Bar'N'Q. offer a unique menu set of American style comfort food including BBQ, Steaks, Burgers, Hotdogs, Fried Chicken, Seafood, Cheesy Fries and Salads. Check our blog for more info about how they prepare meats, seasonings and sauces in-house to achieve fuller flavours and execute umami.



Laneway Green is our creative event space and laneway bar. A collaboration between Yankee D’s, Cairns Bartenders Network and GOAT productions, which combines the best of American comfort food with ever evolving cocktails and live events.

Open Seasonally Thursday to Sundays from 4pm until late.