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Picnics: Valentine's Edition - A Great Way to Create Special Moments With That Special Someone

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We believe in celebrating and showing appreciation for loved ones should be done all year round. But who can deny that warm fuzzy feeling you get from showing someone you love them on that day that comes around once a year, Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to enjoy the company of your favourite human. As Cliché as it may sound, picnics are one of the best ways to spend that time. Enjoy the drive – we have some of the most beautiful landscapes surrounding us. Take off your shoes. Feel the grass beneath your feet. Take your place in nature and let your surroundings sink in. Bliss.


Here’s a handful of picnic spots that we recommend doing with that special someone. Motel Nomad now has picnic baskets for hire, kitted up with all the necessary picnic tools, for the DIY picnic-goer. For those that want an effortless picnic experience, or a completely turnt picnic experience, we got you too. Just read on to find out more.


The Casual Picnic

Flecker Botanic Gardens - Collins Road, Edge Hill

Discover a stunning exhibition of tropical flora. Accessible via the Sunbus public transport – the bus stops on Collins Avenue Directly outside the gardens. Open to the public (free) 730am – 530pm, the gardens have many shady and sunny grass patches to set up your picnic rug. Established in 1886, the gardens are home to some ancient trees that tower impressively above their visitors. One Melaleuca Leucadendra is estimated to be around 300 years old! You will be in awe of the array of colour and variety of the plants on display. It should be noted that Cairns Regional Council also asks visitors not to feed birds or wildlife, no matter how cute they are!  

More information on this site at Cairns Regional Council’s website, here.

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Romantic Rendezvous

Lake Morris Road Lookout - Lake Morris Road, Kanimbla

Best on dusk, this access road can be found via Reservoir Road, about 7-10 minutes from Motel Nomad by car. A long, winding, Lake Morris Road takes you past scenic panoramas. You will notice one large enough long the way to park a couple of cars. There is a bin to the right for you to dispose of rubbish into. This vantage point overlooks the city and you can see the land meet the sea. As the sun sets, enjoy a sunset spectacular. After that, something even more special. As the sun goes to bed, the city lights up and a beautiful, glittering landscape appears and mirrors a twinkling sky.

On any given day it can be quiet – you could be the only ones – or it can be very popular. So it can pay to get in early and nab a spot. We recommend googling “Cairns Sunset” to find out the approximate time the sun will be setting to plan your evening. Take caution to drive slowly at the indicated speed and check for signs, as this is a popular circuit for cyclists also.

More information on this site at Cairns Regional Council’s website, here.


Lakeside Summer Loving 

Lake Morris (Copperload Dam Falls) - via Lake Morris Road, Kanimbla

Further down the road, Lake Morris itself is a beautiful spot for a picnic during a sunny day. There are picnic tables and barbeque facilities available if you want to cook a meal. Surrounded by hillscape and lush, thick green grass beneath your feet, you forget for a moment that you are just a stone throw from the city.  

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Beach, I’m Crazy Bout You 

Trinity Beach Foreshore - Vasey Esplanade, Trinity Beach

Picnic tables and barbeques available here. This spot is very popular at sunset, so we recommend getting in early if you want to nab a barbeque. Otherwise, find any spot on this beach strip park up and prepare to drink up a gorgeous sunset. This great little possie is accessible by car or Sunbus public transport to . As the sun sinks beyond the horizon, colour splays the sky with pink, purple, orange, yellow and blue hues. Palm trees silhouette against the sky – it’s picture perfect. 


Luxury Baby 

Kewarra Beach Luxe Picnic Experience 

If you want your picnic to be something more special, and a lot less effort (or perhaps a surprise) we know someone who can help. Local creators and dreamers, The Collection Co, offer a 3 hour Couples Sunset or Sunrise picnic in Kewarra beach, styled for a duluxe picnic experience. These stylist professionals will set the mood with a most unique picnic setting and decor at this gorgeous vantage point for your sunset or sunrise. A bottle of still and sparkling water is provided to clean the palate for the scrumptious cheese and fruit board provided. Set up for your arrival, and packed down for you upon departure, there are no tedious clean-up tasks to ruin this moment for you.  Kewarra beach is accessible via car or Sunbus.

Photo By @The Raw Photographer.

Photo By @The Raw Photographer.


Rebel at Heart 

Helicopter Picnics  

Many islands and sandy cays lie off Cairns coast. For the adventurous at heart, there is a picnic experience for you too. Departing from Cairns, helicopter companies such as GBR Helicopters,  Nautilus Aviation and Heli Tours NQ will whisk you away to pristine cays such as Vlassoff Cay or Michaelmas Cay. Idyllic crystal -blue waters surround bright, glistening sandy cays on these tours, and operators will further have you swooning on your location with a delicious platter to enjoy here. 

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AUTHOR: Carli Willis

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